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V1.0 - 25th Oct 2022

Here is what's new in build version, October 25, 2022

Key New Features implemented:

  • User profile feature;

  • Online customer Support form feature;

  • Build your custom Workspaces feature;

  • Feature to browse with Proxies;

  • Feature to create your own customized split visualization screen by combining up to 4 resources chosen from any of the workspaces;

  • Configurable custom Java Scripts on page load;

  • Light/Dark/Blue modes;

  • Feature of graphical status page of using machine resources for Screens and Workspaces;

  • Workspaces and Screens hibernating;

  • Split running Workspace feature;

  • Add resource/group feature;

  • Delete resource/group feature;

  • Different license types and mechanism;

  • Smart Localizer feature;

  • Override and Reset fingerprint seed feature;

  • Feature to set custom Screens and Workspaces images;

  • Manage To Do List and Notes feature;

  • Feature to Logout from logged license;

  • Feature to Import/Export user individual Proxies/Screens/Workspaces;

  • To add own Headers list on each recourse.

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