All Categories Release Notes V2.0 - 22nd May 2023

V2.0 - 22nd May 2023

Here is what's new in build version, May 22, 2023

New Features implemented:

  • Forensic tools Screenshot/Download source/Pageshot/AutoSroll page/Autocroll element;

  • Photo exif data extraction(Right mouse click);

  • Export ToDo ,Diary, History lists as *.csv file;

  • OSINT - Regular expression matches;

  • OSINT - Special pages tab;

  • OSINT - Comments tab(extract HTML comments, JavaScript comments, and VBScript comments);

  • OSINT - News tab;

  • OSINT - Plain text version of the active website;

  • OSINT - Documents indexing html and plain text of active website;

  • OSINT - Bookmarklets tab to store the results of the JS scripts;

  • Do regular expression on every page load;

  • Custom GPS coordinates of the workspace;

  • Blockchain timestamping enabled;

  • PDF report;

Major Improvements applied:

  • Workspace and resource folder format changed, added W(for workspaces) and R(for resources) in front of the actual code;

  • Loader icon;

  • Browsing history always remains till whole Workspace deletion;

  • Activate Smart Localiser and Overrade Fingeprint features active by default while creating new workspace.

  • Button added to open the folder containing the scripts;

  • Workspace profile image displayed in the Screen editor;

  • Main screen UI improvements;

  • Regex add new/edit improvements;

Bug Fixes:

  • Workspace Status [Close] button deletes whole workspace information;

  • Watching video in full screen;

  • Workspace hibernated without any tabs opened;

  • Pageshot minor issues;

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - 48d086f60751d31b85546624d1fa0617c4f4cc9cecb80c505e1c891dff12fc64
Linux Installer - b0486b16e8cb8cf7d43d6e0c7c2de5fefc9205e2fa0b05f9d7adb173ed8090b2

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